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Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out:
How to Reclaim Your Home and Your Life
in 6 Easy Steps

by Stephanie Roberts

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"You CAN get rid of the clutter
and fall in love with your
home again!"

Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to get rid of clutter,
even when you really want to do something about it?

Ebook PDF format, 234 pp,
diagrams, index


With Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out:
How to Reclaim Your Home and Your Life in 6 Easy Steps
by Stephanie Roberts, you'll learn that...


...the problem with clutter isn't your stuff; it's how you feel about your things that makes clutter clearing so difficult--


Big Island, Hawaii


Hi, I’m Stephanie Roberts, author of the popular Fast Feng Shui book series.

I love living in a clutter-free home, but I am not a natural neatnik, so I’ve had to learn how to create and maintain that kind of environment. And, because living clutter-free is fundamental to good feng shui, the issue of clutter and how to cope with it is of great interest to me.

As I studied feng shui during the 1990s I was inspired to tackle my own clutter. Then, as I began to build a feng shui practice, I recognized that I needed to be able to teach others to deal with their clutter as well.

Unfortunately, while my feng shui training programs all stressed the importance of getting rid of clutter, they didn’t teach us how to do it. Nor did I learn why we so often let clutter get so far out of control before doing anything about it, or why it’s so hard to keep it under control once we’ve tackled it for the first time.

With the goal of being better able to assist my feng shui clients (and hoping to reap some benefits myself) I took clutter-clearing classes with experts like Michelle Passoff and Karen Kingston. I read all the best-selling books on how to get rid of extra stuff and organize what’s left into a system that is both workable and sustainable. And I realized that accomplished clutter clearers and feng shui experts were all preaching the same thing: when you clean up your clutter you do more than uncover the surface of your dining table for the first time in years—you also uncover a deeper sense of who you are and what makes you truly happy.

Most important, you’ll develop essential skills that will help you get to where you want to be in life.

How magical!

In 1999, I connected with a wonderful man (who is now my husband) on a feng shui discussion group online. We began corresponding every day, and three months later I moved from the spacious New York City apartment in which I’d been living alone for 10 years into a much smaller space a block from the beach in Hawaii, where we would start our new life together. An impulsive move of over 5000 miles may not be for everyone, but it can’t be beat as a clutter-reducer. In addition to all the stuff I got rid of before moving, I lost 12 pounds without even trying.

How liberating!

Over next few years I founded Lotus Pond Press and began to fulfill my dream of writing about feng shui. Then, as I was about to start writing the third book in my Fast Feng Shui series, my beloved pointed out that lots of our website visitors were looking for clutter clearing advice from a feng shui perspective. He also gently brought to my attention that our own home, once sparsely furnished and immaculately feng-shuied, was no longer tidy or organized. In fact, once I lifted my gaze from the computer screen and took a good look around, I realized how seriously I’d let things get out of control—again.

How embarrassing!

That was the moment I decided to once again focus on clearing my clutter and organizing my home and workspace. This time I would use the process as an opportunity to review and compile everything I knew about clutter clearing and all the insights I’d gained from years of feng shui consulting. Drawing on my former career experience as a professional writer and instructional design consultant, I would create a self-study program that people could learn from in their own homes, at their own pace, that would support and guide people in finally learning to live clutter-free, forever.

That program, called the Clutter-Free Forever! Home Coaching Program, was launched in 2003 through our ClutterFreeForever.com website as a manual and separate home study lessons, and has proved to be a great success. In response to customer requests I’ve now compiled all of that information into one convenient ebook: Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out.

Although Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out follows a different format, it includes all of the text, activities, and journaling questions that made the original version of the program so successful. It is designed to guide, motivate, teach, and inspire you to finally triumph over your clutter and reclaim your home and your life.

Achieving mastery over clutter and disorganization requires a shift in emphasis and attitude. You’ll probably need to develop some new skills, or dust off some you haven’t used in a while. The fact that you are reading this web page means you are ready to start the transformation to a clutter-free life. You have the dream; all you need now are the inspiration and know-how.

When you clear your clutter "from the inside out," you:

  • Create a personal vision of how you want to live, so you stay motivated and don't give up
  • Gain insight into how your personal history can drive you to clutter, so you can more easily embrace new habits and make better choices
  • Build your decision-making muscles, so you can make "keep or toss?" decisions without feeling paralyzed by guilt, doubt, or regret

You'll also learn:

  • Why trying to "get organized" can sometimes be a mistake
  • How clutter affects the feng shui of your home
  • 4 common Clutter Myths, and why not to believe them
  • How to use the FREEDOM process to tackle paper piles, clothes closets, long-term storage areas, and more
  • Tips for gaining your family's support and cooperation
  • How to stop procrastinating and get the job done
  • The 3 essential habits of effective clutter-resisters; start making these your habits and be clutter-free, forever!

Includes more than 140 Action Steps, journal questions, and Inside Advice tips to help you conquer your clutter from the inside out!


Author's Note
     How to Use This Book
What is All This Stuff...?
     How Clutter Affects Us
     How is Your Clutter Serving You?
     Benefits of Clutter Clearing
     You Can Live Clutter-Free!
The Universal Laws of Clutter
The Feng Shui Perspective
     Unclog Your "Mouth of Chi"
     The Symbolism of Rooms
     Another Way to Map Your Clutter
Getting Started
     Develop an Incentive Plan
     Gather Your Supplies
     Choose a Starting Point
     What to Do if You Feel Stuck
     Staying Motivated
     Other People's Stuff
Six Steps to F.R.E.E.D.O.M.
     1. Focus on a Goal
     2. Recognize Why You Clutter
         Clutter and Your Comfort Zones
     3. Evaluate Every Item & Eliminate Excess
         Basic Process
         Decisions, Decisions
         Making Difficult Choices
         How Much is Enough?
         Lighten Up the Center
         Hallway Clutter
         Bathroom Clutter
         Bedroom Clutter
         Clothes & Other Reflections of Self
         Laundry Clutter
         Kids' Rooms & Kids' Toys
         Kitchen Clutter
         Dining Room Clutter
         Social Spaces
         Living Room Clutter
         Home Office Clutter
         Paper Memories
         Grown-ups' Toys
         Storage Closets
         Overlooked Spaces
         Junk Drawers
         Long-Term Storage
     4. Designate Activity & Storage Areas
         Activity Areas
         Storage Areas
     5. Organize Every Space
         Feng Shui Tips for Storage Spaces
         Organizing Your Closets
         Helping Your Kids Get Organized
         Organizing the Bathroom
         Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies
         Organizing the Laundry
         Organizing the Kitchen
         Organizing Craft & Hobby Supplies
         Organizing Long-Term Storage Areas
         Organizing Your Paperwork
         Managing Digital Information
         Organizing Paper Memories
     6. Maintain Your Clutter-Free Life
         The 3 Essential Habits of Effective Clutter-Resisters
         The Art & Joy of Conscious Living



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Stephanie Roberts

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Lotus Pond Press, P.O. Box 4457,
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