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"FAST FENG SHUI: an easy step-by-step
guide to transforming your home
and your life--"

Ebook PDF format, 250 pp,
illus., index, glossary

The popular and critically acclaimed feng shui manual is now available in ebook format for instant download. You get all the great information and feng shui advice of the original trade paperback edition, without the wait… or the shipping fee!

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Fast Feng Shui: 9 Simple Principles for Transforming Your Life by Energizing Your Home makes the sometimes mystical practice of contemporary feng shui easy and accessible. With this practical, step-by-step guide in hand, you'll discover how to:

  • Find your power spots - the areas of your home where feng shui will be most effective for you, based on your goals and desires
  • Bring new energy into your home by getting rid of clutter
  • Attract money, romance, and opportunities by activating your power spots
  • Improve cash flow, enhance creativity, and reduce stress with fast, easy changes and "cures"
  • Tailor your feng shui strategy to match your feng shui style
  • Make your changes more effective with personalized empowerments
  • Discover feng shui as a path to self-discovery and personal growth

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Written by a feng shui professional with over 15 years experience explaining new and often complex topics in clear, simple, easy-to-understand language


"In the often complex world of feng shui, Fast Feng Shui is a breath of fresh air. Stephanie Roberts takes ancient concepts and makes them applicable to modern life in a way that is fun, valuable, and fast."

Denise Linn
Author of Feng Shui for the Soul,
Sacred Space, and Space Clearing



I'm Stephanie Roberts, and I am delighted to offer you the first book in my popular "Fast Feng Shui" series, now available in downloadable ebook format.

As a feng shui consultant, when I heard clients complaining that they couldn't find a feng shui book that explained the basics in a way they could understand and use, I knew they just hadn't read the right book, so I decided to write one of my own.

You see, before I became a feng shui consultant, I had a very different kind of career. For over 15 years I was a successful "instructional designer" in New York City. I have developed seminars, reference guides, and home-study materials for some of America's leading Fortune 500 companies on a wide range of sometimes highly technical topics. I know that feng shui is really not that hard to learn… if it is explained clearly and simply and in a well-organized way. And that's exactly what my 15+ years in training development had taught me to do: to present new and complex information in a format and sequence that is easy to understand and use.

I will teach you how to feng shui your home
-- without feeling overwhelmed or confused !


"Finally, a fun, easy-to-understand feng shui book that is logical, coherent, and user-friendly. I highly recommend this book to beginners as well as seasoned practitioners."

Robin Lennon
author, Home Design from the Inside Out


"Fast Feng Shui is a fabulous, fun, smart, effective way to empower yourself and your environment and begin to attract and create the life you really want. It makes the mystical easy and accessible. Stephanie Roberts is brilliant!"

Sonia Choquette, PhD
author, Your Heart's Desire,
True Balance, and The Pyschic Pathway


Posted review at Amazon.com:
"I was ready to move, to a new country, county, a town, anywhere. My husband and I were in a rut, unhappy with our lives, our job and our 'things'. After reading your book, we are both energized and ready to change all that. We are actually enjoying the togetherness of our experience in going through all our 'stuff'. Thanks for the experience. I really recommend this book."
- Christine Bury, Otto, NC

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Fast Feng Shui
was written for anyone who is curious about the contemporary western practice of feng shui, but may not be sure where, how, or even why to begin.

It begins by explaining the basic tools of feng shui: the nine segments of the ba gua energy map, and the qualities and characteristics of the five feng shui elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

Then, presented as 108 "Quick Tips," the Fast Feng Shui Principles show you how to use these tools to improve the energy and vitality of your home and your life:

1. Know What You Want
Quick Tips 1-3 show you how to prioritize your desires for change, define your goals, and focus on the specific outcomes you intend to achieve.

2. Locate Your Power Spots
Quick Tips 4-15 explain how to identify your personal "power spots"-the areas of your home where feng shui changes will have the most impact on your key issues.

3. Create a Path for Chi
Quick Tips 16-31 focus on specific ways you can welcome more positive chi (life energy) into your home and direct it to your power spots. You'll learn why the front door is called "the mouth of chi" and how to remove obstacles to opportunities and good fortune.

4. Repaint, Repair, Renew
Quick Tips 32-44 show you how common maintenance issues could be affecting the feng shui of your home. You'll learn specific problems to look out for - such as leaky faucets that could indicate your money dripping away - plus how and why to correct them.

5. Clean Up Your Clutter
Dirt and clutter are like glue that stops chi in its tracks and prevents it from nourishing your home. Quick Tips 45-58 help you to identify and deal with specific forms of clutter and stuck energy that could be weighing you down and holding you back.

6. Neutralize Negative Influences
Quick Tips 59-78 cover common forms of negative chi that may be lurking in your home - such as an exposed beam over your bed causing problems in your relationship - and show you how to remove or counteract them.

7. Activate Your Power Spots
Quick Tips 79-96 teach you how to go beyond corrections to activate and enhance your power spots for maximum impact.

8. Work on Yourself as Well as Your Home
Feng shui is most effective when you work on your inner space as well as on your outer environment. Quick Tips 97-105 review some methods for balancing and enhancing your personal chi.

9. Evaluate Your Results
Quick Tips 106-108 provide guidelines and reminders for evaluating the success of your feng shui adjustments and learning from the experience.

These are the exact same principles that I have used to meet the partner of my dreams, reinvent my career, and relocate from the hustle and hurry of New York City to an idyllic life on an island paradise. They've helped me transform my life, and they can help you, too!

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"An excellent, accessible feng shui primer for anyone with a busy life... a gold mine of information. Whether covering the basics-the ba gua energy map, the five elements, and the power of intention-or elucidating the nine core principles she has drawn out of feng shui, Roberts is witty, precise, and to-the-point. ... This book is suitable for readers with any level of expertise with the art of feng shui. Roberts Westernizes feng shui with wit, wonder, and practical insight."

New Age Retailer magazine

"Fast Feng Shui is one of the best introductions to feng shui I have read. It is clearly written and can be quickly read. Anyone following Stephanie's suggestions will soon find their lives transformed. Don't wait to begin using these simple "cures" to effect positive, dynamic changes in every area of your life."

Carol Bridges
author of The Code of the Goddess,
Sacred Earth Feng Shui Oracle
, and
A Soul in Place: Reclaiming Home as Sacred Space



"Creatively integrates your personality type and the power of intention with the basics of Western Feng Shui. Fast Feng Shui is fast due to its innovative cross-referenced principles and quick tip approach."

Jami Lin
internationally renowned Feng Shui expert,
instructor, and author


Posted review at Amazon.com:
"I bought the Fast Feng Shui book because I'm putting my house on the market and moving to another state. I rapidly read the book and decided that I needed a complete overhaul in order to show the house properly. I had no idea I had so much clutter!!!! Using the Feng Shui principles, I have totally changed the appearance of all my rooms. I have bought nothing extra, just moved the items that I own into different areas. And got rid of the clutter. The realtor came to review my property this last Saturday and she just went on and on about what a wonderful ambiance my house has. Believe me, it's only the Feng Shui. Within 30 days of cleaning up my wealth area, I've been offered an investment opportunity that really surprised me and I've lost 10 pounds. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions."
- reader from Houston, TX

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You'll learn how to use

the hidden power of your dreams and desires
to make your feng shui changes even more effective!

In addition to the simple and easy Quick Tip format, Fast Feng Shui provides over 180 suggested affirmations and visualizations that you can use or adapt to your own specific situation, to add emotion and intensity to the energy shifts you are directing. This is the part of feng shui where you can really get creative, focus on your dreams and desires, and have fun!

So many readers of the original softcover version of this book have written to thank me for writing such a clear and simple introduction to feng shui. I hope you will be inspired to take advantage of the convenience of this new PDF ebook format to make some simple feng shui changes to your home so you can start seeing improvements in your life.

The best of all, you can download Fast Feng Shui ebook today for the low price of only $16.95!


"Fast Feng Shui is a delightful book and filled with great tips and lots of positive affirmations. It is good for beginners and for advanced students. You can open it at any page and find useful information. I love this book!"

Louise L. Hay
author of You Can Heal Your Life
and Empowering Women



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Are you ready to transform your home and
your life through the magic of feng shui?

I am so convinced that you will be delighted with this ebook, that I am offering a 8-week, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with the Fast Feng Shui ebook for any reason, just contact me within 8 weeks (56 days) of your purchase, and I will refund your entire purchase price of $16.95.


Why wait a minute longer, when you can
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With warm aloha,
Stephanie Roberts
Maui, Hawaii


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That's right, you save money when you purchase the eBook (just $16.95 USD) compared to buying the paperback edition ($19.95 retail). Plus you don't have to pay the sales tax a local bookstore would charge, or the sometimes hefty shipping and handling charges to buy it online. So ACT NOW!


NOTE: If you'd prefer the trade paperback edition,
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