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Fast Feng Shui for Your Home Office:
Creating a Workspace that Works for You

by Stephanie Roberts

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"How to achieve new levels of success
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with feng shui--"

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Ebook PDF format, 250 pp,
illus., index, glossary

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• Identify the advantages and drawbacks of your office location and layout, so you know what to keep and what to redo.

• Use your personal lucky directions to choose the best place to put your desk.

• Find and correct harmful influences, such as EMF exposure, that can keep you from functioning at your best.

• Clear out stale and limiting energy by getting rid of clutter and removing obstacles to progress.

• Arrange your office furniture to encourage a good flow of ideas and opportunities.

• Create a workable office in a shared or multi-purpose space.

… Learn all this and more!


Big Island, Hawaii


Hi, I’m Stephanie Roberts, and I’ve been happily self-employed since 1983. At first I worked at home only occasionally, then mostly, and finally I achieved my dream of working full-time from home. Throughout these various stages I’ve enjoyed the many pleasures and have coped with the challenges of creating a home office that works for me. Whatever difficulties you may face in creating a workable workspace in your home, there’s a good chance I’ve confronted similar issues over the years.

When I began to study feng shui in the mid-1990s, I discovered specific reasons why some of my workspaces hadn't worked out very well in terms of comfort and productivity. And, as I used feng shui principles to redesign my home office, I discovered that my mood improved, my creativity flowed more freely, and I was able to get more done with less effort. Writing is not always easy, but it does go more quickly without the distractions and deterrents caused by poor feng shui. Your work will go more smoothly when your home office has good feng shui, too.

The basic premise of feng shui is that your life experience – your thoughts, feelings, behavior, even the extent of your luck – is influenced by your surroundings. At the same time, the state of your home or workspace is a reflection of your mood and attitude. A dark, dingy, untidy office, for example, contributes to an atmosphere of apathy and fatigue. This makes it harder for you to find the energy to make those sales calls or catch up on the bookkeeping, much less clean the place up.

When you think of your home office as being a microcosm of your business, it becomes clear that this space deserves the same kind of care and thoughtful attention that you give to your business tasks and projects.

Fast Feng Shui for Your Home Office closely duplicates the steps I follow in a consultation: analyzing the layout of the home, diagnosing problems, and prescribing appropriate adjustments and corrections. In my previous books, I have focused on contemporary methods of feng shui practice; in this book you will also learn how to incorporate your lucky directions into your personalized feng shui strategy.

As you read through the step-by-step instructions provided in this book, I will provide you with a thorough grounding in the principles of good feng shui so you can make the decisions that will best support you in working happily and successfully at home.

We'll jump right in, in Chapter 1, with a brief Home Office Assessment and some "Quick Fix Solutions" to get you off to fast start (you can take the Assessment right now, by clicking here, if you're curious how the state of your office might be affecting you).

In Chapter 2 I'll help you to choose the best location for your office within your home (or make the best of whatever space you have to work in).

Chapter 3 will encourage and inspire you to get rid of your clutter so you can benefit from a more comfortable and efficient space.

Chapter 4 teaches feng shui guidelines for selecting and arranging your office furniture, with emphasis on finding the most auspicious placement for your desk.

Chapter 5 provides suggested remedies and corrections for the less-than-perfect situations you may have identified in previous chapters, to help you fine-tune your office layout.

In Chapter 6 you'll turn your attention to identifying and accessorizing your office "power spots" -- those areas where feng shui embellishment will have the greatest effect -- and

Chapter 7 lets in you in on a powerful "Secret Ingredient" to success.

Fast Feng Shui for Your Home Office will teach you how to use to create a home workspace that is not only functional for your business, but also uplifting to your spirit, inspiring to your creativity, and supportive of your long-term success!

(Read this excerpt from the Introduction...)

Envisioning Your Ideal Space

Good feng shui doesn’t just help you achieve more; it creates a space in which you feel more comfortable and where you can work with ease and concentration.

What might that kind of space look and feel like for you? What aspects of your current workspace do you appreciate and enjoy? Which distract, fatigue, overwhelm, or annoy you? Think in terms of both functionality and decorating style.

When dealing with a workspace we often focus on functionality, but every storage and decorating decision made (or not made) affects the style and energy of your office—and that has an effect on your work.

Imagine for a moment that you have a generous and unlimited decorating budget to spend on your home office in whatever way you wish. What might your space look like if you could furnish it any way you desired?

  • Do you prefer energetic surroundings or quiet, sheltering spaces?
  • Would you like a traditional look for your furnishings, or does a contemporary style appeal to you more?
  • Do you prefer bright colors or neutral palettes, edgy modern or “shabby chic”?
  • If you had a thousand extra dollars to spend on your home office, what would you buy first: a new computer; a new desk; art for the walls; a fabulous rug; more filing cabinets?

If you don’t yet have a mental image of what your “dream” home office might look like, take a few minutes now to start to define what that would be for you. As you envision what your ideal workspace might look like, take full advantage of the luxury you have to escape the typical corporate environment’s dull color schemes, plastic finishes, harsh lighting, and recycled air. Your home office is an opportunity to create a workspace that brings your own energy into balance and pleases your mind, body, and spirit.


“Good feng shui” for your home office will affect:

  • The physical attributes of the space: what you see, touch, and notice when you are in that room or area.
  • How you feel both physically and emotionally when you are in your home office.
  • The quality of work you produce and the financial, professional, and personal results that you gain.

Complete each of the statements below to describe your ideal workspace. Examples of possible answers are shown below each statement; you may come up with something very different.

Physical attributes:
“My ideal home office is ______________ , ______________ , and ______________ .”
[ spacious, airy, cozy, modern, quiet, bright, organized, etc. ]

Physical/emotional states:
“When I am in my perfect home office, I feel _______________ and ______________ .”
[ calm, focused, energized, productive, competent, successful, inspired, etc. ]

Quality of work:
“My perfect home office enables me to: _________________________________ .”
[ “double my income in the next 12 months,” “complete my assignments easily and on schedule,” “finally write that novel,” “do a better job of building and coaching my downline,” “have more time to spend with my family,” etc.]

By the time you have finished this book, you will have made progress in all three of these areas.

Within 5 minutes you can have these powerful
feng shui secrets in your own hands!

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If you are not satisfied with the Fast Feng Shui for Your Home Office ebook for any reason, just contact me within 8 weeks (56 days) of your purchase, and I will promptly and courteously refund your entire purchase price of $19.95.

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Wishing you prosperity and success in your life,
Stephanie Roberts

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