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Fast Feng Shui for Prosperity:
8 Steps on the Path to Abundance

by Stephanie Roberts

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"Discover the Powerful Feng Shui
Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity--"

Ebook PDF format, 225 pp,
illus., index, glossary

• Feng shui cures and rituals to increase your cash flow

• How the different areas of your home impact your ability to earn--and keep--an abundant income

• Specific feng shui problems that can drain your resources, block your cash flow, and keep you from prospering-and what you can do about them

• How to diagnose problems that undermine wealth, and selecting appropriate cures and enhancements to meet the needs of your space

… Learn all this and more as you arrange your space to enrich your life!

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Maui, Hawaii


I'm Stephanie Roberts, and I am delighted to offer you the third book in my popular "Fast Feng Shui" series, now available in ebook format for instant download .

The modern practice of feng shui is based on the premise that certain areas of your home impact specific aspects of your life. When the spaces in your home that govern your finances are cluttered, stagnant or missing from your floor plan, it can be difficult to attract and hold on to money. Poor feng shui can also lead to increased arguments and miscommunication, affect your reputation at work, and hinder your personal growth—all of which may contribute to financial difficulties. Feng shui practiced in this way works from the outside in: by improving the chi of our external environment we aim to improve our financial experience, whether in subtle or dramatic ways.

Feng shui also recognizes that we ourselves are the most powerful factor in our space. In order to create lasting improvement in our financial circumstances, we need to create an inner environment (thoughts, feelings, and beliefs) that supports our long-term prosperity, rather than leading—as it so often does—to over-spending, under-earning, and ever-increasing debt. This is feng shui practiced from the inside out: by uncovering inner blocks to prosperity and embracing key lessons from the ba gua (the feng shui energy map), we empower ourselves to experience abundance in all aspects of our lives.

Fast Feng Shui for Prosperity combines the power
of contemporary feng shui to transform your space
with the inner transformations that unleash
your ability to succeed and prosper.

PART 1 provides tried-and-true contemporary feng shui strategies for analyzing your floor plan, diagnosing problems that undermine wealth, and selecting appropriate cures and enhancements to meet the needs of your space and support you in achieving your financial objectives. Here you will find an overview of the nine core Principles introduced in the first Fast Feng Shui book, with a specific focus on applying them to your finances. You’ll learn how to:

  • Locate your prosperity power spots
  • Identify feng shui problems that can affect your money
  • Choose the right feng shui cures and enhancements to attract greater prosperity into your home.

[click here to read an excerpt from Part I]

In Part II, I take you on an inner journey through the ba gua, revealing its secret clues for manifesting an abundant life experience from the inside out (information that you won’t find in any other feng shui book!) Each of the eight guas surrounding the tai chi (the center) teaches a key aspect of a healthy relationship to money. When you master these characteristics of prosperity consciousness, your emotional blocks and subconscious programming start to dissolve, and greater abundance flows into your life more quickly and naturally. Embracing prosperity means stepping into your power, and mastering these key money issues is your secret to financial success. By combining the outer feng shui transformation of your space with inner transformations inspired by the ba gua, your ability to attract and manifest money will be unleashed.

Each chapter in Part II focuses on a specific area of the feng shui ba gua, and includes:

  • Suggestions for how to use feng shui cure and accessories in that area to support your financial goals.
  • Core attitudes revealed by that gua that enable or restrict an experience of abundance.
  • Meditation and visualization exercises to help you identify and release inner blocks to prosperity.
  • Specific Action Steps for you to apply and practice.

[click here to read excerpts from Part II]

Part III
provides detailed instructions for six powerful feng shui cash flow rituals, including both ancient methods and modern practices. If you feel impatient for a positive change in your finances, you may wish to turn to this section first, so you can start practicing one of these methods right away while you study the rest of the book.

[click here to read an excerpt from Part III]

Fast Feng Shui for Prosperity also includes 40 pages of Appendices that provide essential feng shui basics, including:

  • How to understand and use the ba gua (the feng shui energy map).
  • How the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) interact and how to use them to increase the effectiveness of your feng shui
  • An alphabetical guide to 30 Wealth Symbols--such as the lucky money frog and Chinese coin talismans—from both Chinese and Western traditions, and how to use them in your home or office.
  • Tips for using other common feng shui cures and accessories, such as water fountains and faceted crystal balls.
  • A Resource guide to books and audio-programs that support the inner transformation described in Part II of the book.

[click here to read an excerpt from Appendix D: Wealth Symbols]


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Wishing you prosperity and abundance in your life,
Stephanie Roberts

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