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Fast Feng Shui for Singles:
108 Ways to Heal Your Home
and Attract Romance

by Stephanie Roberts

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"How Feng Shui Can Super-Charge
Your Love Life & Romance..."

Ebook PDF format, 238 pp,
illus., index, glossary

• Have you been looking for love without success, for what feels like forever?

• Do you wonder why you can't seem to meet someone who is right for you, or why you can't hold on to that person when you eventually do connect?

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you are frustrated by a seemingly endless quest for the kind of love relationship you deserve, the layout, furnishings, and energy of your home and bedroom could be part of the problem!

When the areas of your home affecting your love life are cluttered, missing from your floor plan, or suffering from sha chi (harmful energy) it can be difficult to find and maintain a good relationship. If the energy in the Relationship power spots in your home is blocked or weak, you may feel tired, depressed, unable to focus, hampered in your efforts to connect with a potential partner. Where chi flows too strongly, you may feel out of control, overly emotional, or anxious much of the time. Communication becomes more difficult, and relationships can feel unstable.

Feng shui problems in your home or bedroom can even affect your reputation, make it harder to meet new people, hinder your personal growth, and lead to increased arguments and miscommunication -- all of which contribute to difficulties in your love life!

A key principle of feng shui is that everything is connected energetically. This means that your thoughts and feelings, even your behavior, are strongly influenced by your surroundings. At the same time, the state of your home reflects your mood and attitude. A dark, untidy bedroom, for example, contributes to an atmosphere of fatigue and depression, which in turn makes it harder for you to find the energy to clean the place up and air it out. In feng shui terms, it is also undermining your ability to attract and maintain a joyful and supportive romantic attachment.

Fast Feng Shui for Singles teaches you, step-by-step, how to analyze your floor plan and decor, diagnose feng shui problems, and adjust the energy in your home so that your living space can better support you in finding - and keeping! - the perfect love you desire.


Written by a feng shui professional with over 15 years experience explaining new and often complex topics in clear, simple, easy-to-understand language


"A straightforward, simple and practical means of tapping the dormant oasis of well-being hidden within Feng Shui, Fast Feng Shui for Singles is a welcome and much appreciated contribution to our understanding of Feng Shui principles as they affect human sexuality and romantic relationships."

Midwest Book Review



I'm Stephanie Roberts, and I am delighted to offer you the second book in my popular "Fast Feng Shui" series, now available in ebook format for instant download .

In writing this book I was strongly influenced by my own personal experiences, both as a feng shui consultant and as a single person looking for romance. When I first began to apply feng shui to my own love life, I discovered that the techniques I'd learned during my professional feng shui training didn't work if I was not ready emotionally for what I thought I wanted. When I stopped trying so hard to find a partner, and shifted my focus to using feng shui to resolve past relationship issues and accept myself just as I was, I was able to create the inner foundation for meeting someone new. I then used the feng shui techniques you'll learn in this book to help me connect with my one true love -- the fantastic man who is now my life and business partner and with whom I share a wonderful home here in Hawaii.

My approach to helping you transform your love life with feng shui is based on this insight that attracting a new partner is only one aspect of a great, lasting relationship. For example, if a serious relationship has recently ended, you may benefit most from a period of healing and self-reflection before starting to date again -- no matter how eager you may be to connect with your next partner. Or perhaps you've been dating one person exclusively for a while, and are wondering whether or not it's time to make a commitment.

Fast Feng Shui for Singles goes far beyond the bedroom tips offered in other books on this important topic. It explores the specific needs and challenges of each of the five phases of the Relationship Cycle - phases that have a key impact on how you use the feng shui ba gua and elements to make appropriate adjustments to your home.

The Fast Feng Shui Relationship Cycle is based on the Creative cycle of the five elements. Each stage of the cycle is associated with one element whose qualities, characteristics, and energy most closely match your situation and goals. Fast Feng Shui for Singles shows you how to use feng shui techniques to help you move appropriately and effectively through each of the five relationship phases:

The Relationship Cycle begins with Centering, which is associated with the contracting, inward-focused energy of the metal element. In this stage you are not in a relationship, and are not actively dating anyone. Centering is a time for rediscovering your sense of self and for creating a strong foundation for being an equal partner in your next relationship. In the Centering section, you'll learn how feng shui can help you release past loves, heal a lonely heart, and prepare your home for a new romance.

The Exploring stage of the Relationship Cycle is associated with the flowing quality of the water element. The inward focus of the Centering phase turns outward, and you feel ready to get involved in a relationship again. You start dating actively, and are open to new people and experiences, but there is not yet one special person in your life. In Phase 2, you learn feng shui techniques for enhancing your social life and helping you meet a wide range of new people. If the idea of getting back on the dating scene makes you cringe, this part of the book will help you "get your feet wet" again more comfortably!

The Connecting phase of the Relationship Cycle is associated with the new beginnings and upward growth of the wood element. In this stage, your focus shifts from meeting new people to exploring possibilities with one special someone. In the Connecting section you'll learn to support a budding relationship by using feng shui to create a home environment that encourages romance.

Phase 4: LOVING
The Loving phase of the Relationship Cycle is associated with the energizing, passionate qualities of the fire element. This is the head-over-heels, mad-about-you experience of mutual infatuation that is so much fun and what we are thinking of when we yearn to be "in love." In this stage you and your special someone are inseparable, and are recognized by friends and family as a couple. In this chapter you'll find out how feng shui can help you enhance the longevity of this often short-lived phase by identifying and removing barriers to communication and intimacy.

Phase 5: UNITING
The Uniting stage of a relationship is associated with the stable and nurturing qualities of the earth element. Now you and your love are ready to make a commitment and build a life together, and you either become engaged or decide to live together. In the Uniting chapter, you will look at how feng shui can support a stable and long-lasting partnership filled with peace, joy, and love.

By tailoring your feng shui activities to the special focus and needs of each stage of the Relationship Cycle, your progress through the five phases will be smoother and more successful. And if a relationship ends, you'll know how to start the cycle again with ease, grace, and confidence.

Along the way you'll explore a variety of ways to apply feng shui to your unique personal circumstances and living environment, including:

  • Mundane cures: physical changes you can make to your home to make it a supportive and empowering environment for romance
  • Transcendental cures: rituals for removing negative chi and shifting your own energy
  • Insight work: meditations and journaling exercises to help you reconnect with yourself and your environment and learn from your past romantic history

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"Getting Cupid on your side has never been more productive or entertaining. Roberts draws on her personal experiences both as a feng shui consultant and as a single person seeking romance. Feng shui novices will enjoy delving into this fun book, and more advanced practitioners will appreciate the attention given by Roberts to the finer points of the art."

New Age Retailer magazine, May-June 2002

"The wisdom and expertise in this latest of Stephanie Roberts' outstanding books goes beyond Feng Shui - right to the heart. Her style is elegant, down-to-earth, and easy to understand, even if you don't know much about Feng Shui. Her wisdom brings an undeniable contribution to helping single people clear whatever may be blocking their attraction or maintenance of a healthy, enriching relationship. This book is substantial, and by far the easiest to understand and apply, compared to other more complicated books on the market. Highly recommended from my heart."

Barbara Rose
author of If God Was Like A Man

"Links the stages of love relationships to the five elements in their Creative Cycle - very clever, keen and gentle."

Feng Shui Quaterly

"I've been into Feng Shui for quite a while now and so have read several books about it and I can say that Stephanie's book is definitely one of the easiest to follow, most original and most charming ones that have ever come my way. The greatest thing about it is that it doesn't only talk about the "usual" FS stuff, like symbols or gadgets that'll enhance chi in certain guas, but it also works as a kind of a psychological guide: it takes you through the different phases of a relationship and gives you ideas on how you can make your inner self more -so to say- productive - as well as your home. Stephanie's writing style is truly charming - you feel as if she was sitting there with you. An absolute must-have on everyone's shelf looking for a new romance - whether or not into FS."
- Viktoria Somorjai, Hungary


Here's why you'll love the ebook version of this book!

This new ebook version of Fast Feng Shui for Singles includes the complete text of the original trade paperback edition. Minor changes have been made to the page format, which has been optimized for on-screen reading as well as to enable printing onto standard 8-1/2" x 11" paper for those who wish to do that. None of the original text has been left out. We've also added hyperlinks throughout the book, so you can simply click on a page number in the Table of Contents, Index, or within the text itself to go directly to another page. A handy "bookmarks" function allows you to keep the contents list open while you read through the book, and all of the online resources mentioned in the text and Appendices are available with a click of your mouse.

A cornerstone of the Fast Feng Shui philosophy is that you will get better results with feng shui, faster, when you focus on specific goals and target your activities to what you really need. Fast Feng Shui for Singles shows you just how to do that, so you can find joy and contentment with your perfect partner - just as I have.

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With warm aloha,
Stephanie Roberts
Maui, Hawaii


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